Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Pink and Blue and what to do! And Baby names!

We would like to share with everyone our sweet little peas names! Baby boy is........Justin Robert Patrick Seykora. Named after his two grandfathers. Baby girl is.......Jillian Ann Marie Seykora named after of course Jill and then also myself and Jeff's mom. So we are very excited to have begun calling them by name and it has been fun to just simply say "Justin & Jillian".
Well when your not the one carrying your babies, you find things to do to occupy the time that your not enjoying your growing belly and feeling those first kicks and rolls. For Jeff's and I, it has been beginning our nursery. We were having a hard time finding something we liked for a boy/girl room so it took some time to decide. We have found it and the changes have begun! Their crib bedding is the exact pattern just different colors. Jillian's is pink,tan and chocolate brown and Justin's is blue, tan and chocolate brown. They have matching cribs and changing table and we will need to still get a tall chest of drawers and a glider. We found a chocolate brown one that we both really like from babies r us. The walls will be tan on top with chair rail in the middle and tan/pink/chocolate/blue wide stripes at the bottom. It has been fun planning and we are excited to see it come together. I will be sure to post pictures when we are done!

Justin & sweet! Oh and don't let me forget............Jill has been feeling the babies for a while now but last night, she put her hand on her tummy and could feel Jillian kick from the outside!!! So you can imagine how excited we are to feel it as well!!! Jill is feeling well and growing perfect!! Couldnt ask for anything more!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Luck of the Irish?????

We are so happy to share that our 16 week ultrasound today showed two very healthy and active babies! It also showed that we are having a son and a daughter!!!!!! We feel blessed beyond words! Jill is feeling wonderful and as always looks it too! So all in all............such a fabulous day!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

15wks & not real hungry...weird.

Wow, 15wks already!
For me, time has been flyin' by! I'm enjoying listening to these little ones heart beats with the Doppler. It's been fun to watch them migrate from one area of my belly to another. The "books" tell us this week that they are about the size of a softball...that's pretty substantial, I think. I feel that my belly has adjusted nicely to the reality of there being 2 inside. I was a little nervous with the sudden, extreme, early growth! BUT, now believe that my uterus made a quick adjustment when it realized there were 2 and has now "stabilized" to a normal growth pattern. I've been holdin' steady at about the same size for a few weeks now. In fact, I think that as my uterus expands north it has found room to also expand backwards, as opposed to outwards.
All in all, I've been feelin' alright. I will still have episodes that come out of absolutely at the dining table immediately following dinner...bummer~but it's quickly over & then I feel fine. Food hasn't really been "wooing" me lately either. About the only thing that really tastes good is yogurt and hard boiled eggs...not together, just in and of themselves. Although, Jeff's sister and brother in law (the babies aunt & uncle) treated us to a really nice dinner out about a week ago. I'm not gonna lie~ I ate every last bite of my blue cheese crusted fillet mignon...that was incredibly good!!! But, that is the only meal I can remember in the recent past that has really tasted yummy. Anyways, no worries...I'm still eating, even if it doesn't taste good to me!
Before we know it, next week will be here & then we've got another check up...feels like we were just there!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Hello 2nd nice to meet you!

March 1, 2010 is great for two reasons.............#1. Its the official start to our second trimester!! and #2. In 16 days we will hopefully be able to find out the genders of our little monkeys!!
Also happy to report that Jill is feeling well! WOOT~WOOT!!