Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grow baby grow!

Jill's "baby bump" at just over 12 weeks. We have all decided that she has slowed to a "normal" speed of growth now! Still looking fabulous as always!

Moving right along!

We met with a new clinic of perinatal doctors and we loved it! Its a change for us, but we all feel like its the right place for this pregnancy. Kurt was not able to go as he was our "rock star" and stayed home with all the kiddos (no complaining mind you). The doctor said that Jill has a "great resume" and we all know she does..........we are talking about a woman who has had 5 ALL NATURAL vaginal deliveries. The doc even went so far as to say that if baby A is bigger than baby B he will not make her have an epidural with this delivery either!!! WOWZA. He says she has a "proven" uterus and cervix so he feels this will be a smooth pregnancy. As far as cute! Baby A had 160 bpm and baby B had 169 bpm. Really fun appointment and we were really happy. We go back in 4 weeks (St. Patty's day) for our next appointment and we are hoping these two little ones will show us their genders!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Farewell old "intramuscular needle" friend!

So, I'm pleased to say that my body is officially on "auto pilot" in regards to this pregnancy! I am no longer on those, not so pleasant, nightly, intramuscular shots! Woo-whoo! I think that Kurt is just as excited as I am, poor guy. He did great though and I am so thankful to have a husband as supportive as him. He has really picked up my slack, and has done so without making me feel bad~even in the slightest bit! Whether he was helping me keep my meds straight, making me breakfast as quickly as he could (as I was getting sick in the bathroom), or simply taking on more responsibility around the house because I "just need to lay down", or "sit and relax"...he doesn't complain. He really is so excited to see this dream for Jeff & Denise come to fruition! As Denise mentioned in her prior post, I feel as though I have reverted back about 5wks as far as sickness goes. I feel it might be connected to some "tenderness" I've started having & also, my hunger (which had plateaued~at a healthy level~the last couple weeks) has started to become more intense again in the last week. So, maybe I just need to be more diligent about not letting my stomach go empty.
I have nearly perfected the art of finding both babies with the doppler! Our first try took nearly an hour to find only one of them and now I am able to find both within just a couple minutes. Once I find "A" I can usually track "B" fairly's similar to tracking the constellations!
It never ceases to amaze me, the miracle of pregnancy. Every time I listen to those heartbeats I am overwhelmed at the thought of these tiny little bodies, perfectly formed with all their parts, growing at the speed of light inside of me. I am also overwhelmed at Gods marvelous hand, how He uses man to carry out His Will. Isn't it amazing to think of all the things in our lives that we are surprised about or marvel at, and to know that none of it surprises God? To know that He knew about this before we were even formed is almost incomprehensible. How does a mere man comprehend that? Faith. Faith that we are walking in His Will, letting Him lead our every step...following the path that He has laid before us.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We have movement!

That's right! Jill is feeling "baby movement"! SO cool! I cant believe we are at this point already. Another really cool thing is that my sister in law borrowed her Doppler to us so Jill will call us at night and we get to hear our sweet little heart beats! On a down side, Jill is not feeling all that well in the last week and is nauseous again....what the heck, we are 12 weeks! No more of that!! So please say prayers that this passes quick and that she feels well soon! We have an appointment on Thursday with a peri and will get to peek at the babies via ultrasound so we are very much looking forward to that! We will post pics of our little ones and a new belly shot as well on Thursday! Sleep well all!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A "first" I guess??????

So, as you can all see, my beautiful friend Jill is growing very fast! The last few times we saw her she had the same pair of pants on because it was ALL that fit her! Finally I told her.......that's it! We are going maternity clothes shopping ASAP! I cant stand to see those pants on you one more time!!!! So Saturday I picked her up and off to the Eden Prairie Center we went! First stop was Old Navy. We found some super cute jeans, a shirt and a pair of carpi's. Now let me elaborate......we are in the dressing room together and as she puts the size on that she would normally grab (and that would last her entire pregnancy) they fit great! She looks ridiculously adorable in them and we were really happy! Then it dawned on me............she is 11 weeks and they fit perfect!!! So..............we opted to grab 1 size bigger and hope they still fit this spring. And let me be clear.....its ALL in her tummy! So cute!
Well as we were shopping Jill got really hot so I suggested that she just leave the short sleeve shirt on that we planned on buying and we would just cut the tag off after the lady scanned it. So we were just getting ready to leave and were checking the rack one more time when a very nice lady noticed that Jill was wearing the same shirt that she was looking at. She says to Jill " that shirt looks so cute on you" (which it did) Jill says thanks and then it started......... "So how far along are you"? Jill answers "11 weeks". The nice lady says "oh my goodness, I'm 15 weeks and you cant even tell"! Now I need to jump in and rescue my friend so I say " yes, but she is carrying twins" To which the lady looks at Jill and says "Oh my gosh! Are you so excited??!!" And for the first time, Jill says......." well they are actually hers" and points to me. I'm sure you can imagine the look on the ladies face! It was pretty cute and funny as well. She was very nice and said "congrats" and we all went on our way. This happened one more time at another store. Really fun memory that I will take away from all of this. On a side note.......we rocked on our shopping day and I had such a fun day with Jill!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Goodbye Dr. K!

Today................we were released out of the care of our fertility clinic and into the care of Jill's OB!!! I remember the day of the transfer being told that we would see Dr. Kunek through the 10th week of our pregnancy. Jill is 10 weeks 2 days and done with the Center for Reproduction!! We also got to see our little beans again today and WOWZA they were moving ALL over the place! Arms and legs everywhere! So so cool! The babies looked great as well with their growth. Baby A was measuring 10 wks 6 days and baby B was measuring 10 wks 4 days. Right on track! What is blowing my mind is Jill's belly!!!! Its growing SO fast! Its the cutest thing I think I have ever seen! Enjoy the photos!

One more thought.....................I cant explain how fun it is to have your best friend right there with you! Not having to call after the appointment to tell her what I saw. She is right there with cool!

HI, THIS IS JILL CHIMING IN HERE...I have to say that today this all became quite a bit more real for me. To see those two little bambinos inside me today "dancin'" around REALLY made it real. Yes, one would think that all the morning sickness, the unquenchable hunger, the previous ultrasound and sound of heartbeats would have made it as real as possible for me. But, the "realness" hit a new level today. I have been a bit more emotional lately and so that may contribute to my state of mind tonight (I'll share more on my emotions in a later blog post) but regardless today was a turning point for me. These aren't my children but I love them, oh gosh, I have to stop as I feel the tears coming on. Don't think that I'm crazy...I'm not, I promise~just a little emotional!
OK, on a lighter belly pic...ugh. I'm just not sure what the heck is going on! I knew that I was getting much bigger, at a much more rapid pace than I normally do BUT HOLY SMOKERS! That's all I can say~ holy smokers