Thursday, May 27, 2010

2lbs & 2lbs 2oz! Getting so big!

Another wonderful appointment today and a peek at the babies as well! Now that they are getting so big it was really hard to see things as clear. We did get some great peaks at Justin as he was face out but Ms. Jillian was all tucked in and hiding. And they have changed positions again! They are back to the bunk bed position but on the opposite sides as they started at. Crazy! Justin is weighing in at 2lbs. 2oz. and Jillian is 2lbs. Jill says they were up all night having a party in her belly and then nice and quiet this morning. I told her that I'm sure they were sleeping in from being up all night! One thing really began to set in today.........we are getting close! Our appointments will be every 2 weeks now with another ultrasound in 6 weeks. Jill is doing and looking fabulous as usual. I will tell you one thing.....this girl does pregnancy VERY beautifully! Enjoy the belly pics!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

pray for pre-birth order...

I don't mean to keep saying this over and over, but honestly, I just can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going by. There is really no new news to share...I'm feeling GREAT, the babies are both active (especially Justin lately) and we will be back at the doctor one week from today to get another solid look at how they are growing & developing. In 3 weeks we (Kurt, me, Denise & Jeff) will be taking a trip to Abbott to tour the birth center and meet with the care coordinators there. They have been brought up to speed regarding our unique situation. During our meeting we will be discussing what the birth of the babies will hopefully look like. We will be bringing along our birth plan so that whom ever takes care of us while we are there (at the time of birth) is aware of what our wishes are. I guess as I'm writing this, I would like to ask one thing of you...will you please pray about something for us? Ideally, by the time the babies are born we will have a "pre-birth order"...this is simply a legal document that states that even though I "birthed" the children, they don't belong to me. It states that Jeff & Denise are the parents and therefore legally responsible for them, it would ensure that they get the same priviledges as any other new parent in the hospital, so on and so forth. This pre-birth order needs to be approved/signed by a prayer request is that the judge who looks at this would see the need for it to be approved and that it would be done quickly. The alternative is a "post birth order" which is not appealing to any of us. Thank you for praying about this, it is very important.
Anyways, even as I write this the little ones are kickin' around in there, it seems that someone is always awake and moving BUT when they both are~it gets a little crazy! A good, welcomed kind of crazy though. Im sooo incredibly blessed to be a part of this, what an honor! What an honor.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

94!!! My little over achiever!

We had our 24 week appointment today and Jill also had her gestational diabetes test as well. To fall in the "ok" range she couldn't score anything over a 130. Jill scored a 94! Oh yea she has to do everything just right! And I must say that I am ok with that!! We didn't have an ultrasound but did see a tiny peak just to check heart rates and everything looked great! Justin has moved head down and Ms. Jillian is still sideways. Her feet are right on her brothers head! Just for fun we had the nurse measure Jill's belly (which you don't do on a twin pregnancy because its NOT accurate) and at 24 weeks along she is measuring 34 weeks! Ha Ha we got a good giggle out of that. We are VERY lucky to have a fabulous nurse who feels far more like a girlfriend than a nurse so our appointments are super fun! All in all another great appointment. This pregnancy has been very boring from a medical stand point. Just like we like them. Jill said it best today in the clinic. She said we "singed up for the no glitch program". Perfectly said!
On another note...........I started the pumping phase of my inducing lactation protocol today and was over the moon to have been able to pump a little over an ounce on the first day!!! Such a blessing! If all goes well it should just go up and up!
Enjoy the belly picture! Ultrasound in 2 weeks at 26 weeks!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love the extended family!

This past Sunday was a real fun day! Little Sam took his 1st Communion, so of course, it's a great reason for a big ol' family gathering! Kurt and I & all our kiddos were there as well. It was a beautiful day out & we had a ton of DELICIOUS food...and of course~ great company! It was so nice to see all of the "grandmas & grandpas" & "aunts & uncles" had been a while since we (Kurt & I) had seen them. It was such a relaxing day, the kids (alot of kids!) were all really well behaved, which allowed us adults to get into some good conversations...just so nice!
I tell ya what~you talk about a family just counting you as one of their own...Jeff & Denise's families epitomize that. Love them!
Oooh, & a couple of them were even able to feel little Justin & Jillian kickin' around~really fun! There were alot of hands "vying" for the best spot on the belly when they started movin' around, it was pretty funny! I think Denise's sister would sit with her hands on my belly all day if we'd let her! Ha! Very sweet, they all love these little babies so much~ I CANNOT wait for them to meet them!
Oh, cute story...when we were at the church Kurt, the kids & I sat in the pew behind Jeff, Denise and their family. Jeff was holding Brooke. She saw us, tapped Jeff & pointed at us. He said something like "yep, the Dahmens are here" and she says back to him as she points at me (or my belly) "NO, OUR BABIES!!!" How cute is that?!
23 wks and a couple days...another dr. appt. next week.